Why do my Bra straps keep falling down?

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Bra straps that fall down is a common frustration and complaint among bra-wearers. We've compiled 3 of the most common reasons this happens and easy solutions to get your bra the most comfortable and secure it can be.

1. Your body wasn't built for that bra style

    Bra styles like the balconette silhouette feature wide-set straps. If you have narrow or more sloped shoulders, your bra straps are more likely to slip off when you wear these styles.


    • Opt for bras such as plunge bras that have a high apex (the point where the front of the strap meets the cup) like the Ravissant Plunge Bra.
    • Choose a bra that has convertible bra straps that criss-cross, making the straps tighter across your back and much less likely to fall down. Our Andora 3D Plunge bra features strap that can convert to crossover.
    • You can find inexpensive accessories like these bra clips that mimic the crossover or racerback style.

    2. The straps need a slight adjustment

    Sometimes the most simple solution works the best.  A new bra should always be adjusted so that the straps are snug but not digging in. 

    As the bra gets worn and washed the straps may loosen over time and occasionally need to be re-tightened.
    Try this solution for your existing bras before considering other options.

    3. The size you are wearing is not your best fit

    Bodies change over time and so will your bra size. When the band is too big around the underbust, the straps will end up at a wider distance across your back and will likely result in slipping or falling down.


    We recommend a professional fitting to determine your perfect size, as this may just be the reason your straps are no longer cooperating.

    Sister Sizing:

    If you do need to change your underband size, you may also need to change your cup size to keep the perfect fit. Use our sister sizing guide below for reference:



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