What is a Soft Cup Bra?

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What is a Soft Cup Bra?

Customers are often asking what a soft cup bra is, many people assuming it means a bra cup without padding.

We can tell you here that a soft cup bra is simply a wire-free bra! When you see a product listing for a Soft Cup, you can be confident that it will not have any underwire. 

Soft cup/ wireless bras are gaining popularity due to their comfort (no pesky underwire sticking into your skin) but there have also been advancements in the level of support you can experience.

Soft cup bras are perfect for:

  • Lounging at home
  • Sleep
  • Pregnancy 
  • Post-surgery
  • You can also find extremely supportive soft cup sports bras

What makes a good soft cup bra?

  1. A supportive underband- The underband of any bra is the section that provides the most support- more than the straps and the cups. Choose a soft cup bra with a wide underband when you need a little extra support without the structure of wires.
  2. Soft fabric- As the underband is sometimes a little more snug in a wireless bra to increase the level of support, ensure that the style you have chosen has high quality, soft fabrics to maximise your comfort.
  3. A Full Cup Shape- For the most support possible, look for cups that cover most of the breast. Many soft cup bras are also unpadded and offer a natural shape and look.

Our top 5 Soft cup Bras:

1. Mona Soft Cup Bra


2. Tessa Wire free Bra

3. Isadora Soft Cup Bra

4. Fleur Wire Free Bra


5. Harmony Wirefree Sports Crop


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