How to make a small chest look bigger- Best bras and outfit solutions for small busts

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While bigger doesn't necessarily mean better in the bust department, sometimes an outfit calls for a little extra oomph.  That's where the transformative power of push-up bras and bra accessories come into play. 
We have compiled the best styles for small busts and cleavage enhancement for all occasions.

1. The Tried and Tested: A Push Up Bra

Push up Bras are moulded bras with padding.

Many styles have padding that gets gradually thicker towards the bottom of the bra, pushing the breast up and creating the classic lifted shape.

Push up bras come in many padding options including removable, foam, and gel, as well as different levels of padding for more extreme effects. 

The Gigi Push Up Bra features gentle foam padding for a natural lifted look, and a smooth silhouette under clothing.



2. The Everyday Wonder: Padded Plunge Bra

When you aren't looking for enhanced cleavage but for a more full-shaped bust, a padded plunge bra could be the answer for you.

The contoured, padded cups help created the extra volume to fill out a dress, while the low plunge neckline shows off your natural beauty.

The Ravissant Push Up Plunge Bra by Wacoal features graduated foam cups and light push-up pads creating uplift and a flattering shape.

3. The Affordable: Bra inserts

Transform your existing bras with push up bra inserts, to provide customizable lift, shape, and volume to your natural silhouette. 

These lightweight, reusable inserts effortlessly slip into any bra or swimsuit, giving you the freedom to enhance your assets whenever you desire.

The two main types of temporary bra inserts include the Foam and Silicone styles below:

 Foam Bra Inserts

Chicken Fillets

4. The Fashion Secret: Boob Tape

For a lift without adding extra volume, enjoy the secret trick used by models, actors on the red carpet and fashionistas everywhere is- boob tape!

Boob tape is a medical grade adhesive that comes either on a roll or in a single adhesive piece. You can find them in skin tone, black and even clear for a seamless, transparent look. Give a gravity-defying, braless look with the lowest of plunging necklines, completely undetected.

Try the Invisilifts by Secret Weapons as your first step into Fashion Tape:

Push-up options for small chests offer a fantastic solution for those seeking a confidence boost and enhanced femininity. By creating the illusion of a fuller bust, these styles empower you to embrace your body and confidently flaunt your style.

Remember, the goal is never to conform to societal standards but to feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in your own skin. So, go ahead and explore the world of push-up bras designed specifically for small chests-empower yourself and revel in your unique beauty!


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