Mastectomy External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program

Australian customers can claim up to $400 for external breast prothesis. To qualify for this program, a patient must:

  • - be enrolled in Medicare
  • - have had breast surgery as a result of breast cancer
  • - not have purchased and claimed under this program in the past 2 years.
  • - Full details can be found here. Please note bras and swimwear are not covered

New Zealand customers may also qualify for NZ Breast Prostheses Subsidy
- a maximum payment of $613.33 per side within a 4 year period. You may claim for this service payment if you:

  • - are a New Zealand citizen, or are ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • - your specialist or GP gives you a current medical certificate with your NHI number, and details of your need for a Breast Prosthesis or prostheses.
  • - Full details can be found here

Please note that Studio Europe is unable to claim on your behalf.

Orders including breast forms will include an itemized invoice in your parcel.

If an invoice is required for mastectomy bras, or if more information is required on an invoice you received, please email us and we will create a detailed receipt for you.