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Bosom Buddies - Studio Europe
One Size

Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies breast enhancers are silicone bra inserts that will lift and support your natural bust. They are perfect for big boobs that need extra lift and cleavage, or smaller...
Chicken Fillets - Studio Europe
One Size

Chicken Fillets

$39.95 $36.95
Chicken fillets are silicone bra inserts designed to get heads turning! They can increase your bust by up to two cup sizes. With a natural look and comfortable feel, Chicken...
Stick It Rescue Tape - Studio Europe
One Size

Stick It Rescue Tape

Stick It Rescue fashion tape from SECRET WEAPONS allows you to flaunt a little, but not the whole lot! The first fashion tape available on a roll, and the best...
Headlight Dimmers - Studio Europe

Headlight Dimmers

$12.95 $11.95
Headlight Dimmers are super soft pink, heart shaped silicone nipple covers designed to prevent your highbeams demanding more attention than your smile. Headlight Dimmers are not only practical – once...
Nudi Bra - Studio Europe

Nudi Bra

The backless and strapless Nudi Bra by SECRETWEAPONS s is the bra you wear when you’d rather go without! Our No. 1 best selling, backless and strapless bra is an...
Nudi Knickers - Studio Europe
S / MM / L

Nudi Knickers

Nudi Knickers are the seamless panties you wear when you’d rather go without. Secret Weapons underwear has been designed to sit flush to your body to create that perfect silhouette...
Nudi Boobies - Studio Europe

Nudi Boobies

Nudi Boobies is the backless and strapless silicone bra you wear when you’d rather go without. Want to wear that show stopping number but your boobs need a little help!...
Invisilifts - Studio Europe


Invisilifts Breast Lift Tape are invisible, clear self adhesive miracle workers that lift your breasts up to 5cm to give you the ultimate gravity-defying support!  Invisilifts ensure an invisible breast lift...
Nudi G - Studio Europe
S / MM / L

Nudi G

The Nudi G-string by SECRET WEAPONS is designed to banish those lumps, bumps and muffin-tops forever! Our Nudi G G-string is made from high quality, super-soft, Italian yarns and is...
Invisistraps Clear Bra Straps - Studio Europe

Invisistraps Clear Bra Straps

Invisistraps clear bra straps from SECRET WEAPONS are the bra straps you wear when you rather go without! Invisistraps, crystal clear bra straps are super thin, ultra strong and very...