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Amoena Bra Extender - 2x3 or 3x3 hook

Amoena Bra Extender - 2x3 or 3x3 hook

$3.50 $3.90
Amoena Bra Strap Extenders extend the band size of your bra. We cut the strip to fit the number of hooks required for your bra. Cut from a roll One...
Weighted Leisure Form - Studio Europe

Weighted Leisure Form

The Amoena Weighted Leisure Breast Form is a slightly weighted foam breast form that is ideal for wear during times of leisure when a full silicone breast form is not needed...
Aqua Wave Swimform - Studio Europe

Aqua Wave Swimform

Aqua Wave Swimform features raised waives on back that allow air and water to flow through, reducing the amoung of suction. Less concave than the 129 Swimform, this swimform offers...
Standard Priform - Studio Europe

Standard Priform

This special temporary breast form is made from exceptionally lightweight, breathable cotton that’s very kind to skin. Its moulded design provides the gentleness a woman needs after surgery, plus the...
Tri-Featherweight Breast Form 616

Tri-Featherweight Breast Form 616

The Trulife Featherweight is recommended for post-mastectomy use. The soft, non weighted foam holds shape and fits securely in post-surgical camisoles and pocketed bras.
Fleur Lace Bandeau
12 A/B12 C/D12 DD/E14 A/B14 C/D14 DD/E16 A/B16 C/D16 DD/E18 A/B18 C/D18 DD/E20 A/B20 C/D20 DD/E

Fleur Lace Bandeau

$49.90 $59.00
The Floral translucent lace Fleur bandeau top is a clever accessory under low cut shirts, blouses or jackets. The top can be attached to your favourite bra with a small hook...
Compression Belt - White - Studio Europe

Compression Belt

A compression belt keeps the operated breast in place and prevents dislocation of implants. Anatomically formed, made of a stretch, strong fabric, provides an individual fit and compression to the...
Triumph Washbag

Triumph Washbag

Lingerie Wash Bag by Triumph for safe washing of all your delicates & hosiery. Style No : 10084154 Fabric Composition: Nylon
2 Hook Bra Extender - Studio Europe
One Size

Triumph 2 Hook Bra Extender

$7.95 $7.00
2 Hook-Bra Extender by Triumph maximizes the customization ability of your bra. Available in black or nude. Style No : 10084123 Fabric Composition Nylon
Bosom Buddies - Studio Europe
One Size

Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies breast enhancers are silicone bra inserts that will lift and support your natural bust. They are perfect for big boobs that need extra lift and cleavage, or smaller...
Kayser Lingerie & Hosiery Washbag - Studio Europe

Kayser Lingerie & Hosiery Washbag

Protect and prolong the life of your hosiery and lingerie during machine or hand washing with the Kayser washbag. Open weave washbag Enclosed zipper on front Perfect for hosiery &...
Chicken Fillets - Studio Europe
One Size

Chicken Fillets

$39.95 $36.95
Chicken fillets are silicone bra inserts designed to get heads turning! They can increase your bust by up to two cup sizes. With a natural look and comfortable feel, Chicken...
TriFirst Breast Form 1019X

TriFirst Breast Form 1019X

The pre-formed soft cup on the Anita Trifirst Breast form sculpts an optimum breast shape. Can be used on either side Skin-friendly cotton surface in contact with the skin Moulded...
Anatomical Compression Belt

Anatomical Compression Belt

$49.90 $39.95
The Anatomical Compression belt keeps the operated breast in place and prevents dislocation of implants. Anatomically formed, made of a strong, stretch fabric, provides an individual fit and compression to...
3 Hook Bra Extender 65mm - Studio Europe

3 Hook Bra Extender 65mm

This bra extender from Naturana is 65mm wide with three rows of three hook and eyes to ensure a comfortable back positioning. Available in black, white and nude Sold individually...
PurFit Adjustable Enhancer - Studio Europe

PurFit Adjustable Enhancer

$270.00 $240.00
PurFit Adjustable Enhancer is specially designed for wear during the reconstruction tissue expansion process, this form is extra-gentle to sensitive areas as it helps balance out a woman's silhouette. Three-part...
Stick It Rescue Tape - Studio Europe
One Size

Stick It Rescue Tape

Stick It Rescue fashion tape from SECRET WEAPONS allows you to flaunt a little, but not the whole lot! The first fashion tape available on a roll, and the best...
3 Hook Bra Extender - Studio Europe
One Size (8 - 16)

Triumph 3 Hook Bra Extender

$8.95 $8.00
Triumph 3 Hook Bra Extender One in a pack Style No : 10084134 Fabric Composition Nylon
Headlight Dimmers - Studio Europe

Headlight Dimmers

$12.95 $11.95
Headlight Dimmers are super soft pink, heart shaped silicone nipple covers designed to prevent your highbeams demanding more attention than your smile. Headlight Dimmers are not only practical – once...
Nudi Bra - Studio Europe

Nudi Bra

The backless and strapless Nudi Bra by SECRETWEAPONS s is the bra you wear when you’d rather go without! Our No. 1 best selling, backless and strapless bra is an...
Secret Weapons 4 Hook Bra Extender

Secret Weapons 4 Hook Bra Extender

SECRET WEAPONS Bra Extenders are perfect for extending the wear and size of any bra!  Available in 2, 3 & 4 hook versions, our Bra Extenders attach to the hooks...
Lift Ups - Breast Lifting Nipple Covers - Studio Europe

Lift Ups - Breast Lifting Nipple Covers

$19.95 $16.95
Lift-Ups are super discreet, adhesive breast lifting silicone nipple covers. Lift Ups are 11cm in diameter and come with a breast lifting panel! One Size A-D Cup  100% Silicone Lift Ups are...
Foam Bra Insert

Foam Bra Insert

Crafted from high-quality, lightweight foam, these inserts are designed to provide natural-looking volume and shape to your bustline. Simply slip them into your favorite bra or swimsuit, and enjoy an...
2 Hook Bra Extender 30mm

2 Hook Bra Extender 30mm

Naturana's 2x3 hook bra extender available in 3 colours. One extender in a pack Brushed back Available in nude, black or ivory 100% nylon
Activeflow Triangle Swimform 630

Activeflow Triangle Swimform 630

Activeflow swimform is made from a thin layer of vented foam and lightweight monoprene beads and moulded with fast drying spacer fabric. The beads do not absorb water, are quick...
Removable Bra Straps / Replacements

Removable Bra Straps / Replacements

Convertible Bra Straps in Light Nude colour can be used on any bra or undergarment with removable straps. 1 pair in a pack (2 straps) 10mm wide band Elastic with...
Fertile Mind Bando Maternity Band - Studio Europe

Bando Maternity Band

$24.95 $19.95
A super stretchy belly band that gives light support with it's unique, soft, seamless fabric. Bando give the illusion of extending tops and helps keep up jeans, skirts and trousers. It is also...
Bra Strap Cushions - Studio Europe

Bra Strap Cushions

Bra Strap Cushions by SECRET WEAPONS are barely-there nude-coloured bra strap cushions made of high-grade super-soft, non-slip silicone. Providing unprecedented comfort from painful bra straps and super discreet, these ultra...
Elbow Length Satin Gloves - Studio Europe

Elbow Length Satin Gloves

$49.95 $9.95
These opera length satin gloves are great when you want to dress up your look or you just want to feel sexy! Available in your choice of color. The sheen...
Nudi Boobies - Studio Europe

Nudi Boobies

Nudi Boobies is the backless and strapless silicone bra you wear when you’d rather go without. Want to wear that show stopping number but your boobs need a little help!...